Dream Achievers Academy

For Students:

Dream Achieve or Achieve Dream, this is the place to be. We are here to help make dreams come true! Welcome to taking the first step to experiencing the environment of your future dream career. We are a proactive scholars academy that provides experiential learning opportunities for students by partnering students with opportunities in the field of their dream career. We work with the top name industry leaders in media, sports, foundations, and hospitality. We also help students achieve leadership skills by hosting career and life skill workshops. Our philanthropist approach in starting the Dream Achievers Academy, is from our own experiences in realizing sometimes it just takes an incredible opportunity to get connected with a network, work experience, to show off your talents and get onto the route of achieving your dream. We’ve been there, and we want to help make a difference for the upcoming future leaders. Come on board!

For Corporate Partners:

For Partnerships, you can help make an incredible difference for the next big names in your industry by mentoring and providing opportunities for experiential learning for students interested in your field that are just like you when you were their age. We as leaders in our industries can truly make a difference in helping shape the talented young leaders of tomorrow. We can be a part of their path to success by helping them understand where their talents can skyrocket to phenomenal heights. Let’s make a difference together. Volunteer opportunities, part-time work opportunities, guest speaker opportunities, and a day in the life opportunities are all avenues that our partnerships currently offer. If you’d like to come on board and help us build a stronger community of future success leaders that embrace their talents and diversity, we are elated to partner with you and make that difference together. Our students belong to a number of school types as well as specific sports and arts clubs across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Industries We Partner With:

Media, Sports, Foundations, Hospitality and Entertainment.

Education Programs We Offer to Help You Achieve Success:

Leadership Skills, Career Skills, Organizational Skills.